New in Plumbing

What’s new in Plumbing?

The plumbing world is evolving and companies are doing research on new fixtures and pipe which will save us energy and water.

The most recent and biggest breakthrough in plumbing is a new method of pipe repair called Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP). It is relatively new in the US but has been used for years in Europe. Underground pipes no longer have to be dug up and replaced; they are now simply lined with the CIPP. Basically the pipe is hydro jetted to scrub away tree roots, debris and corrosion, inspected with a video camera and measured, then a soft PVC pipe impregnated with epoxy is inserted into the old pipe; cured for several hours leaving behind a pipe that is as strong or stronger than the original (typically the liner comes with a 50 year guarantee).

This type of repair is so flexible that it can be used to line long lengths of pipe or short patches, reline multiple bends, or create one-piece junction repairs. Suitable for storm water or sewerage pipes, the Scottish Plumbers system can be applied to pipe diameters ranging from 4 inches up to 12 inches or more and has been used in both commercial and residential settings. This type of repair is not inexpensive as with most major home/building repairs but can cost ½ of what old fashioned excavation and pipe replacement costs when you figure in the restoration costs after a major excavation.

Many villages and municipalities are also using this technology (on a much larger scale), they are repairing old leaking infrastructure without digging up every road in town, while saving their tax base millions of dollars .

This product is being called several things at this point and until the industry settles on a name and homeowners are educated about this product here are the terms being used now:
Cured In Place Pipe
Trenchless Technology
Pipe Patch
Epoxy Lining
No Dig Sewer Repair
Pipe Lining
Fiber Wrap