Clogged Drains

Most people can easily manage small drain clogs, but if your child dropped a toy down the toilet, it might be time to have a professional drain cleaning.

  • Water slowly filling up in the sink as you wash your hands?
  • Do you find that your shower turns into a bath with water rising up to your ankles?

Your problem is a clogged pipe and your answer is drain cleaning. Eventually, toilet paper, food waste, hair, and even lost toys can create blockages in pipes which causes water to rise up to the top and drain back down excruciatingly slowly. If left for too long, they will eventually completely block and you can get stuck with a sink or bath full of stagnant, smelly water that can be a health hazard and is rather unsightly and embarrassing if you have guests.

Drain cleaning is best done as quickly as possible and preventative measures can help keep them clean and running smoothly. For prevention, run a very hot tap a few times a week. This can help loosen and unblock any bits that may collect on the sides of the pipe before they gather more debris. Some people find that a half cup of vinegar and a half cup of baking soda poured into the drain is a bit more powerful and can loosen up smaller clogs like hair and paper.

If your drains are clogged and backed up you may have a bigger problem than you can solve on your own. Many bathroom clogs are caused by hair going down the shower drain while kitchen clogs are generally caused by grease being poured down the drain and becoming a solid clog. If commercial chemical products don’t clear the blockage you may have to consider the need to have a professional plumber come in and clean out the drains.

Homes with older pipes are prone to becoming clogged from years of accumulated gunk, hair and grease and an endless list of other things that have gone down the drain over the past few decades to have finally built up and settled into an unmovable mass that is causing your pipes to drain slowly if at all.

Another possibility is tree roots have started to penetrate the sewage and water lines causing a blockage. This can be possible even if the nearest tree is not on your property unfortunately. Trees can have long and deep roots that grow into whatever may be blocking their path including sewage lines.

The drain system comprises of a network of pipes that can lead to the development of complications such as growth in the blockages, bursting and become corroded.

If you are negligent for the maintenance of the drains, it is bound to incur inevitable problems that can prove to be expensive for you. In this regard, opting for the services of a professional drain cleaning service provider is a viable option. You can find a number of professional drain cleaning services providers, which are providing their effective services at nominal rates. They are loaded with advanced equipment and prefer using them in cleaning the drains. They stress on the point that the drains can be cleaned rather than replacing the whole pipe.

As we are well-known with the fact that most people can easily manage small clogs but if your child has dropped a toy down the toilet, you might consider taking the help of a professional drain cleaning provider. How do you feel when you see water filling up in your sink as you wash hands? Do you find that while taking a bath, the water rises up to your ankles? Here, the problem that you face is of a clogged pipe and your solution to this hassle is exhaust cleaning.

Evidently, there are various small things such as food waste, hair, toilet paper and even toys can lead to blockages in pipes which in turn, causes the water to rise up to the top and drain back down slowly and exasperatingly. If this continues to occur for a long period of time, they will eventually block the pipes completely and would cause huge aggravation to you and you would end up stuck in a sink or a bath that is full of stinking water. It can lead to a wide range of health related problems and would create a negative impression on your guests and can create an embarrassing situation for you which you would not want to ever face.